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Osmín Lima is a Cuban actor whose career began as a child in his native Cuba. He was already dancing on stage at the age of three and at five he had his first participation in a children’s musical TV program.

Osmín trained in theater in addition to attending the School of Hospitality and Tourism, graduating in Tourist Animation, which allowed him to acquire a lot of experience on stage interpreting musicals where he developed his talent as a dancer and actor.

In 2005 he traveled to Italy and began to deepen his studies in Interpretation at YD’Actors by Yvonne and Training at the school of Patrizia de Santis (Chubbuck Technique). After finishing his training, Osmín has participated in different projects both in cinema and television, where his work in the film “No Country for Young Men” or the series “Rocco Schiavone” and “Devils” stands out.

Lima also has training in Writing, following in the footsteps of his teacher Margherita D’Amico, Movement Technique from the school of Mario Piazza and Singing forged under the orders of Jaqueline Ferri.

His ability to capture the essence of diverse characters, reflecting both emotional complexity and cultural richness, is a testament to his versatility. His training, influenced by the rich theatrical and cinematographic tradition of Cuba as well as his training and experience in Italy, provides him with a solid foundation in acting techniques. In addition, his ability to adapt to different environments and acting styles shows his commitment and dedication to art. Osmín brings not only his talent but also a unique perspective, enriched by his Cuban heritage, which adds an additional dimension to his performances in cinema and theater.


Osmín Lima - Actor

  • 2022 “Adema” (short film) / Dir. Bernardo Tuccillo / Bernardo Tuccillo
  • 2022 “The Net” (TV series) / Dir. Volfango De Biasi / Cross Production
  • 2022 “Anoche” (short film) / Dir. Stefania Grondona, Luca Predinzani / 9Muse Productions
  • 2020 “Vivi e lascia vivere” (TV series) / Dir. Pappi Corsicato / BiBi Film
  • 2020 “Devils” (TV series) / Created by Ezio Abbate, Guido Maria Brera / Lux Vide
  • 2018 “Rocco Schiavone” (TV series) / Dir. Simone Spada, Michele Soavi / Cross Production
  • 2017 “No Country for Young Men” (feature film) / Dir. Giovanni Veronesi / Paco Cinematografica
  • 2016 “Inspector Coliandro” (TV series) / Created by Carlo Lucarelli / Rai Fiction
  • 2016 “The Innocent Bastard” (feature film) / Dir. Igor Maltagliati / West 46th Films
  • 2016 “Gli ultimi corti di Jonny Triviani” (feature film) / Dir. Jonny Triviani / Artigianal Intelligence
  • 2013-2014 “Abdullwood” (TV series) / Dir. Jonny Triviani
  • 2013 “Il bastardo innocente” (TV series) / Dir. Igor Maltagliati / West 46th Films
  • 2013 “Il commisario Rex” (TV series) / Created by Peter Hajek, Peter Moser / Leader Cinematografica
  • 2012 “L´unae l´altra” (TV series) / Dir. Gianfranco Albano / Mediaset
  • 2012 “Adotta un Italiano” (short film) / Dir. Jonny Triviani, Giulia Carla De Carlo / Margot Produzioni
  • 2008 “Crying for Love” (feature film) / Dir. Christian E. Christiansen / Zentropa Entertainments
  • 2008 “Ultimi della classe” (feature film) / Dir. Luca Biglione / Devon Cinematografica
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