Composer, Director and Producer.
Representation: Global (except USA)

José wrote soundtracks for at least 50 productions in Spain, Argentina and the US. He also collaborated on the making of soundtracks for movies such as “El Camino de los Ingleses” and “The Kite Runner” nominated to the Oscar for the best soundtrack, to the BAFTA awards, and the Golden Globes.

As a composer, he was responsible for the OST of TV series like “The Philantropist” and “Reconstruction”. Paco also composed for several features films of the Argentinian filmmaker Diego Lerman, such as “La Mirada Invisible”, released in Cannes and winner of the Best Movie award in La Habana Film Festival or “Refugiado” and “Una especie de familia”, both selected for the San Sebastian International Film Festival.

José Villalobos - Composer

José Villalobos composed soundtracks for almost 50 productions in Spain, Argentina, and the US. He also directed three short films and participated on renowned productions as a musician.

Born in Malaga, Spain (1976), Villalobos has been creating and collaborating on the creation of soundtracks for prestigious composers. He worked, for example, with Alberto Iglesias in “The Kite Runner”, which was nominated to an Oscar for the best soundtrack, the BAFTA awards and the Golden Globes awards. He also collaborated with Antonio Meliveo on the movie directed by Antonio Banderas, “El camino de los ingleses”. During his work as a composer, he has overseen the soundtrack of many TV series like “The Philantropist”, produced by Barry Levinson and Tom Fontana for the NBC, or “Reconstruction” created by Peter Horton. On the cinematographic area, his collaboration with the Argentinian filmmaker Diego Lerman can be highlighted, composing the soundtrack for three of his movies. “La Mirada Invisible”, premiered in Cannes, won the best movie award in the Habana Festival, “Refugiado” (2014) or “Una especie de familia” (2017), premiered at the San Sebastian Film Festival.

His work with Lerman took him to two nominations at the Argentinian Academy Awards, and two more at the International Critique Awards.

As a musical producer, Villalobos has collaborated with artists such as Shakira, Sia or Jennifer Lopez among others. In 2018, he composed and produced alongside Chris Martin (Coldplay) an album for the artist Emmanuel Kelly, whom with he gave a concert in Los Angeles.

Villalobos is the founder of the Mediagrama production company, and produced movies such as “Impávido”, “El árbol magnético”, or “La isla del viento”.

As a scriptwriter and director, his last short film, “Wings”, has participated on the Official Selection of the Tribeca Film Festiva. Moreover, he premiered the Recent Spanish Film Festival in Los Angeles, and ensured its distribution on at least 50 short movies festival thanks to the award given by the Freak Independent cinema agency.

2022 – The Substitute (feature film) | Dir. Diego Lerman | El Campo Cine | ARGENTINA
2022 – The Painting (feature film) | Dir. Gustavo Asensi | Full Emotions | USA
2021 – The Empty Chair (short film) | Dir. Rob Margolies and José Villalobos | New Life Productions | USA
2021 – Family First (feature film) | Dir. Suzi Bach | Woba Productions | USA
2020 – Pacient 27 (feature film) | Dir. Alex Merkin | Inspire Entertainment | USA
2020 – One Life (documentary) | Dir. Josh Turnbow | Audience Network (AT&T) | USA
2020 – Beacons of Hope: Seeking Shelter in Dallas (documentary) | Dir. Josh Turnbow | Audience Network (AT&T) | USA
2019 – Beacons of Hope (documentary) | Dir. Josh Turnbow | Audience Network (AT&T) | USA
2017 – American Standoff (documentary) | Dir. Josh Turnbow | Audience Network (AT&T) | USA
2017 – American Standoff: Aftermath (documentary) | Dir. Josh Turnbow | Audience Network (AT&T) | USA
2017 – The Sign (documentary) | Dir. Josh Turnbow | Audience Network (AT&T) | USA
2017 – Una especie de familia (feature film) | Dir. Diego Lerman | El Campo Cine | ARGENTINA
2016 – Tell Me How I Die (feature film) | Dir. D.J. Viola | Big Block Media Holdings | USA
2016 – The Observed Life (documentary) | Dir. Josh Turnbow | Audience Network (AT&T) | USA
2016 – Anomalous (feature film) | Dir. Hugo Stuven | Numérica Films | SPAIN
2016 – East Ramadi (short film) | Dir. Kristen Gerweck | Black Sheep Media & Entertainment | USA
2015 – Tempus (short film) | Dir. Ian Clay | Trickster Motion Pictures | USA
2015 – Gored (documentary) | Dir. Ido Mizrahy | Motherlode Films | USA
2014 – Eden (feature film) | Dir. Shyam Madiraju | Tiny Giant Entertainment | USA
2014 – Refugiado (feature film) | Dir. Diego Lerman | El Campo Cine | ARGENTINA
2013 – Violet (feature film) | Dir. Luiso Berdejo | Kowalski Films | SPAIN and USA
2013 – Wings (short film) | Dir. José Villalobos | Full Emotions | SPAIN
2012 – Blackout (short film) | Dir. Francisco Lupini | Marcapasos Films | USA
2012 – El otro (short film) | Dir. Jorge Dorado | Roxbury | ESPAÑA
2012 – Beyond 360º (documentary; main theme) | Dir. Luis Goyanes | Full Emotions | SPAIN
2012 – Opa: El Rey del Banano (documentary) | Dir.  Cassandra Noboa Sicre | N/A | ECUADOR
2012 – Till Death Do Us Part (short film) | Dir. Julián Lara | Evil Night Productions | USA
2011 – Zero (feature film) | Dir. Miquel García Borda | Full Emotions | SPAIN
2011 – Ready To Talk (short film) | Dir. Angeles Reiné | N/A | USA
2011 – Voice Over (short film) | Dir. Martín Rosete | Encanta Films | SPAIN
2011 – Reconstruction (TV Movie) | Dir. Peter Horton | Universal Media Studios | NBC | USA
2010 – Pablo’s Hippos (documentary) | Dir. Lawrence Elman y Antonio Von Hildebrand | Leftwood Films | USA
2010 – The Invisible Eye (short film) | Dir. Diego Lerman | El Campo Cine | ARGENTINA
2010 – Rope (short film) | Dir. Ian Clay | Trickster Motion Pictures | USA
2009 – The Philantropist (TV series) | Created by Tom Fontana | Universal Media Studios | NBC | USA
2009 – Amanecer en Asia (feature film) | Dir. Dionisio Pérez | Enigma Films | SPAIN
2009 – País soñado (short film) | Dir. Luis Deltell | Producciones Gozne | SPAIN
2008 – 3 Días (feature film; orquestrator) | Dir. F. Javier Gutiérrez | Green Moon Productions | ESPAÑA
2007 – The Kite Runner (feature film; musical assistant) | Dir. Marc Foster | Dreamwork Pictures | USA
2007 – El regreso de Alicia (feature film) | Dir. Ramón Rodríguez | Atraco Perfecto Producciones Audiovisuales | SPAIN
2007 – Mejor solo (short film) | Dir. Jorge Dantart | Gordo y Flaco Films | SPAIN
2006 – El camino de los ingleses (feature film; orquestrator) | Dir. Antonio Banderas | Green Moon Productions | SPAIN
2006 – Ignora (short film) | Dir. José Villalobos | Elamedia Estudios | SPAIN
2006 – El castigo (short film) | Dir. Isabel de Ayguavives | El Médano Producciones | SPAIN
2005 – Eduard y el resto (short film) | Dir. Iñaki San Román | Odessa films | SPAIN
2005 – Fotos de familia (short film) | Dir. Paula Ortiz | Amapola Films | SPAIN
2004 – El príncipe de Argel (short film) | Dir. Abraham Hayón | 14 Pies | SPAIN
2004 – La mirada (short film) | Dir. Manuel Calvo | Elamedia Estudios | SPAIN
2004 – Corre, Adrián (short film) | Dir. Luis Deltell | Enigma Films | SPAIN
2004 – Ana y Manuel (short film) | Dir. Manuel Calvo | Elamedia Estudios | SPAIN
2003 – Say Something (short film) | Dir. Luis Deltell | N/A | SPAIN
2003 – El espantapájaros (short film) | Dir. Gonzalo Zona | Camelot Pélis SL | SPAIN
2003 – Colours (short film) | Dir. Carlos Dueñas y Biel Fuster | QuinceDeOctubre | SPAIN
2003 – Dejavu (short film) | Dir. Jesús García | Framestorming | SPAIN
2002 – El hijo de John Lennon (short film) | Dir. Federico Alba | ECAM | SPAIN
2000 – Trixo va a la feria (short film) | Dir. Carlos Lirola | Supermachos | SPAIN

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