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Representation: Global (except Mexico)
Mexico: Marka Talent


José María Galeano, born in Algeciras, Spain, is a prominent Spanish actor known for his versatility and presence across a variety of productions in both film and television. Very well-known in LATAM for having acted in highly successful productions, especially in Mexico, where he lived for over a decade before returning to Madrid, Spain, where he currently resides.

Galeano has gained recognition for his roles in acclaimed telenovelas such as “Que te perdone Dios”, portraying Father Tomás, and “La Doña”, embodying the villain Braulio Padilla.

Before his rise in acting, Galeano pursued a degree in Political Science and Sociology at the University of Granada, showcasing his wide range of interests and abilities.

His acting career began in 2009 with his role in the series “Hospital Central”, and since then he has appeared in various notable projects. In 2011, he made his big-screen debut with the short film “Bad Night” and continued his cinematic journey with movies like “Y la muerte lo seguía” in 2012.

Furthermore, Galeano has stood out in several television series such as “Bolívar”, “José José, La serie” and “Si nos dejan”, thereby establishing himself as a renowned actor in the realm of telenovelas and dramatic series.

His career reflects a commitment to a diversity of characters and the ability to captivate audiences at both national and international levels.

LANGUAGES: Spanish (Native)

ACCENTS: Mexican, Colombian, Portuguese, and Italian.

SKILLS: Martial arts, boxing, horseback riding, swimming, climbing, cooking.

José María Galeano - Actor

José María Galeano was born in Algeciras (Cádiz) and felt drawn to the world of TV and cinema from a very young age.

He pursued a degree in Political Science and Sociology at the University of Granada. In 2004, he moved to Madrid to begin his studies in Dramatic Arts, training at various schools and with different teachers such as Estudio Juan Codina, Arte 4, or Iñaki Aierra.

He juggled his education with small roles in various TV series such as “Ellas y el sexo débil” or “Yo soy Bea”. Later, he joined the main cast of the legendary series “Hospital Central”, portraying the young resident doctor Daniel Lucena. After this, he appeared in other series including “Valientes”, “Hispania”, and “El Secreto de Puente Viejo”. In 2013, in search of new acting challenges, he relocated to Mexico where he worked for almost a decade. Among other roles, he was particularly recognized for his portrayal of the villain Braulio Padilla in the series “La Doña”, for its two seasons, broadcast in dozens of countries. He also participated in other successful productions such as “El Dragón”, “Silvia Pinal frente a ti”, “Luis Miguel”, “Lo que la vida me robó”, “José José, el príncipe de la canción”, and his last project in Mexico, “Si nos dejan”.

During his time in America, he also worked in Colombia, in the Netflix superproduction “Bolívar, una lucha admirable”, playing Felipe Martínez and Aragón, a role that earned him popularity and critical acclaim. After nearly a decade abroad, he decided to return to Madrid with new ambitions: to write and produce his own stories, which span from drama to family comedy, and include horror and psychological thrillers. He continues to act; his latest role was in “V de Víctor”, a Mexican movie filmed in Madrid at the end of 2023.

2023 “V de Víctor” (Feature Film) | Dir. Frank Ariza | BTF Media | Spain
2021 “Si nos dejan” (TV Series) | Televisa | Mexico
2021 “Ask God for Forgiveness… Not Me” (TV Series) | Univision | Mexico
2019 “La Doña” (TV Series) | Telemundo | Mexico
2019 “Bolívar: An Admirable Fight” (TV Series) | Caracol TV – Netflix | Colombia
2019 “Silvia Pinal… frente a ti” (TV Series) | Televisa | Mexico
2018 “Luis Miguel: The Series” (TV Series) | Gato Grande Prods | Mexico
2018 “El Dragón” (TV Series) | Televisa | Mexico
2018 “Out of Control” (TV Series) | Univision | USA
2018 “José José: The Prince of Song” (TV Series) | FoxTelecolombia | Mexico
2017 “Three Miracles” (TV Series) | TV Azteca | Mexico
2013 “Lost Bullets” (TV Series) | Cornejo Films | Spain
2012 “The Secret of Puente Viejo” (TV Series) | Boomerang TV | Spain
2011 “Hispania” (TV Series) | Bambú Producciones | Spain
2010 “Valientes” (TV Series) | Zebra Producciones | Spain
2009 “Hospital Central” (TV Series) | Estudios Picasso | Spain
2007 “Yo soy Bea” (TV Series) | Grundy Producciones | Spain
2005 “Ellas y el sexo débil” (TV Series) | Boca a Boca | Spain
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