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Fiorella Pennano is a talented Peruvian actress known for her outstanding training and versatility in the world of theater, film and television. Based in Madrid, she lives between Europe, LATAM, and the United States.

Pennano graduated with honors in acting from York University in Canada and holds a Master’s in Executive Production for Film and TV Series from the School of Film and Audiovisual of the Community of Madrid (Spain).

Among her many projects, her leading roles in feature films such as “Busco Novia” (Amazon Prime Video), “Como en el Cine”, winner of Best Film at the 35th Studio Comedy Film Festival 2016, and “Rosa Mística” stand out. In the latter, her portrayal of Santa Rosa de Lima earned her the Best Actress award at the HCFF Festival in Florida and at the Peruvian Film Festival in Paris, in addition to a nomination at the Platino Awards.

As a producer, Pennano has produced web series, short films, advertising campaigns, and her first feature film, “Exploraciones Silvestres”, was a winner at the DAFO 2022.

Due to her career as an actress and her versatility in the industry, Fiorella has been the face of renowned brands such as Movistar, Adidas, and Huawei.

Fiorella Pennano - Actress

Fiorella Pennano is a Peruvian actress and producer who lives in Madrid (Spain) since 2023.

That year, she made her debut in a Madrid-based feature film, “Mientras Cupido No Está,” directed by Alejandro Aimetta, and also participated in the successful theater season of “La Poeta” by the award-winning playwright and director David Planell.

In cinema, she has starred in films like “Rosa Mística” (2018) by Augusto Tamayo, portraying Santa Rosa and earning the Best Actress award at the HCFF Festival in Florida, the Peruvian Film Festival in Paris, and ARFECINE in Argentina. Pennano has also been involved in other notable film projects like “Como en El Cine” (2015) by Gonzalo Ladines, “Maligno” (2016) by Martín Casapía, and “Larga Distancia” (2020) by Franco Finocchiaro. In 2022, she premiered in feature films “La Pena Máxima” directed by Michel Gómez and “Busco Novia” by Daniel Vega, produced by Tondero on Amazon Prime Video.

Pennano also has a successful television career, highlighted by her role as the main character of Snow White in the series “Princesas,” aired during prime time on América Televisión. She was a part of the regular cast of the series “Ven Baila, Quinceañera” for four years and later in its sequel “Los Vilchez” playing the comic character of Sofia.

In theater, she has starred in plays like “Orlando” by Virginia Woolf, “Pulmones” by Duncan Macmillan, “Contracciones” by Mike Bartlett, and “Stop Kiss” by Diana Son. Her theatrical performances have earned her two nominations for the Luces awards for best theater actress of the year and a win of the Jury Prize from Oficio Crítico.

In 2016, Fiorella Pennano, along with Norma Martínez, founded ANIMALIEN, a theater and audiovisual production company. Their mission is to create projects that provoke contemporary reflection on the challenges facing society today. Their productions have been featured at various international theater festivals, such as Mayo Teatral in Havana in 2022, Teatro Circular Festival in Madrid in 2021, Temporada Alta in Buenos Aires 2020, and FIDAES in Uruguay in 2019, among others. They have also co-produced the Temporada Alta theater festival in Lima in 2017 and 2018. In 2019, they ventured into audiovisual productions with “Actores de Primera,” an acting masterclass series sponsored by Adidas, and various campaigns for brands like Tecnofarma, Grünenthal, Oeschle, and Disney. In 2020, they produced their first short film “Varado,” written by Salvador del Solar and directed by Norma Martínez, and the pilot episode of a dark comedy series set on a plane, “Vuela Conmigo,” which is currently in development. In 2021, they participated in the executive production of the upcoming feature film by Peruvian director Gonzalo Ladines, “Muerto de Risa,” shot in June 2022 and set to be released in 2024.

With her 10 years of experience in film and television, Pennano has become a cultural icon, amassing over 400k followers on her social media platforms. Brands like Movistar, Adidas, and Huawei have sought her for various advertising campaigns.

  • 2022: “La pena máxima” (Feature Film) / Dir. Michel Gómez / Mulata Films
  • 2022: “Operation Condor” (Feature Film) / Dir. Michel Gómez / Phase 4 Productions
  • 2022: “Larga Distancia” (Feature Film) / Dir. Franco Finocchiaro / Candu Films
  • 2022: “Busco novia” (Feature Film) / Dir. Daniel Vega Vidal / Tondero Films
  • 2021: “Princesas” (TV Series) / Created by Miguel Zuloaga / ProTV
  • 2020: “De vuelta al barrio” (TV Series) / Dir. Jorge Tapia, Toño Vega / América TV
  • 2020: “Te volveré a encontrar” (TV Series) / Dir. Luis Barrios / ProTV
  • 2020: “Los Vílchez” (TV Series) / Dir. Luis Barrios / América TV
  • 2019: “La pasión de Javier” (Feature Film) / Dir. Eduardo Guillot / Fodo Filmes
  • 2018: “Rosa Mística” (Feature Film) / Dir. Augusto Tamayo San Román / Argos Producciones Audiovisuales
  • 2018: “Ven, Baila, Quinceañera” (TV Series) / Dir. Luis Barrios / ProTV
  • 2017: “Café Desvelado” (Short Film) / Dir. Pamela Castillo / Tania Morales
  • 2016: “Blue Danube” (Short Film) / Dir. Jonatan Medina Espinal / Alicia Quiñones
  • 2016: “Maligno” (Feature Film) / Dir. Paco Bardales, Martín Casapía Casanova / AV Films
  • 2016: “Al fondo hay sitio” (TV Series) / Created by Efraín Aguilar / Compañía Peruana de Radiodifusión SA
  • 2015: “Como en el cine” (Feature Film) / Dir. Gonzalo Ladines / Señor Z
  • 2015: “Asuncion” (Short Film) / Dir. Nicolás Carrasco, Rafael de Orbergoso / Alonso Elías
  • 2010: “Water Mirror” (Short Film) / Dir. Diego Lummis / Jackie Echegaray
  • Winner of the Best Actress in a Film Award at the Peruvian Film Festival in Paris for her role in “Rosa Mística”.
  • Winner of the Best Actress Award at the HCFF Festival in Florida for her role in “Rosa Mística”.
  • Winner of an award at the ARFECINE Festival in Argentina for her role in “Rosa Mística”.
  • Nominee for the Platino Awards for her role in “Rosa Mística”.
  • Winner of the Jury Prize from Oficio Crítico for her performance in Duncan Macmillan’s “Pulmones”.
  • Nominated at the 2010 Toronto My Theatre Awards for Best Ensemble in “The Resistible Rise of Arturo Ui”.
  • Nominated for Best Theater Actress at the 2015 LUCES Awards for her work in “Stop Kiss”.
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