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Kunal Nayyar is an actor best known for his role in the series “The Big Bang Theory.”

Kunal began his journey into the acting world from his roots in New Delhi. Influenced by Indian theater and Bollywood, his passion for acting manifested at an early age in school performances and debates. This early exposure to the world of show business motivated him to move to the United States, where he initially studied Business at the University of Portland, Oregon. However, Nayyar soon discovered that his true calling was acting, leading him to earn a Master’s in Acting from Temple University in Philadelphia.

Nayyar’s career took off with his role in “The Big Bang Theory,” where he played the beloved Raj Koothrappali from 2007 to 2019. This role catapulted him to international fame, but his talent has extended beyond this series. He has worked on various projects in film and television, lending his voice to characters in animated movies like “Ice Age: Continental Drift” and “Trolls,” and performing in theatrical productions like “The Spoils.”

Off-screen, Nayyar divides his time among his other two passions: golf and literature, having published the book “Yes, My Accent is Real” in 2015.

Kunal Nayyar - Actor

Kunal Nayyar was born in London but grew up in New Delhi, India. There, Nayyar discovered his passion for acting from a very young age, influenced mainly by Indian theater and Bollywood movies.

He moved back to the United States to study at the University of Portland, Oregon, where he began to take acting classes and participated in various university theater productions. After obtaining his degree in finance, Nayyar decided to follow his passion for acting and enrolled in the prestigious Theater School at Temple University in Philadelphia, where he earned a Master of Fine Arts in acting.

Nayyar had a sensational start to his career, playing a terrorist in an episode of the series “NCIS” in 2007. Right after that, he landed his big break when he was chosen to play Raj Koothrappali in “The Big Bang Theory.” This role catapulted him to international fame and raised him, along with the rest of the cast, to stardom during the series’ twelve-year run.

In addition to his role in “The Big Bang Theory,” Nayyar has had a diverse career. He lent his voice to Gupta in “Ice Age: Continental Drift” in 2012 and to Guy Diamond in “Trolls” in 2016. He also appeared in the movie “Dr. Cabbie” in 2012, produced by Bollywood actor Salman Khan. In theater, he played Kalyan in the off-Broadway production “The Spoils” in 2015, which later moved to London’s West End in 2016. In 2020, he portrayed a serial killer in the Netflix UK production “Criminal: UK” and joined the cast of the suspense series “Suspicion” on Apple TV+.

Throughout his career, he has been nominated for several awards, including the Screen Actors Guild Awards for his performance in “The Big Bang Theory” and the BAFTA TV Award in 2021 as Best Supporting Actor for “Criminal: UK”.

Nayyar has also explored writing, publishing his book “Yes, My Accent is Real: and Some Other Things I Haven’t Told You” in 2015, where he shares his journey in the entertainment industry.

The story of Kunal Nayyar is a testament to tenacity and transformation, of an actor who began his journey in India and achieved success in Hollywood, standing out for his ability to connect and empathize with his characters, and leaving an indelible mark on the entertainment industry.

  • 2024 “Spaceman” (feature film) / Dir. Johan Renck / Free Association
  • 2023 “Trolls Band Together” (animation) / Dir. Walt Dohrn, Tim Heitz / DreamWorks Animation
  • 2022 “The Storied Life of A.J. Fikry” (feature film) / Dir. Hans Canosa / BCDF Pictures
  • 2022 “Suspicion” (TV series) / Created by Rob Williams / Keshet Media Group
  • 2021 “Mira, Royal Detective” (animation) / Created by Becca Topol / Disney Television Animation
  • 2021 “Trolls Holiday in Harmony” (animation) / Sean Charmatz, Tim Heitz / DreamWorks Animation
  • 2020 “Criminal: UK” (TV series) / Created by Jim Field Smith, George Kay / Idiotlamp Productions
  • 2020 “Nostalgia Critic” (TV series) / Created by Doug Walker / Blip Studios
  • 2020 “Tiny Diamond Goes Back to School” (animation) / Dir. Sean Charmatz / DreamWorks Animation
  • 2020 “Think Like a Dog” (feature film) / Dir. Gil Junger / M Star International
  • 2020 “Trolls World Tour” (animation) / Dir. Walt Dohrn, David P. Smith / DreamWorks Animation
  • 2019 “Sweetness in the Belly” (feature film) / Dir. Zeresenay Mehari / Sienna Films
  • 2017 “Trolls Holiday” (animation) / Dir. Joel Crawford / DreamWorks Animation
  • 2016 “The Toycracker: A Mini-Musical Spectacular” (short film) / Andreas Nilsson, Henry Sedler / Target
  • 2016 “Fantasy Hospital” (TV series) / Dir. Justin Marchert / Dumper Entertainment
  • 2016 “Trolls” (animation) / Dir. Mike Mitchell, Walt Dohrn / DreamWorks Animation
  • 2013-2016 “Sanjay and Craig” (animation) / Created by James Dirschberger, Jay Howell / Nickelodeon Animation Studios
  • 2015 “The Mindy Project” (TV series) / Created by Mindy Kaling / Kaling International
  • 2015 “Consumed” (feature film) / Dir. Daryl Wein / Mister Lister Films
  • 2012-2014 “Sullivan & Son” (TV series) / Created by Steve Byrne, Rob Long / Warner Horizon Television
  • 2014 “Dr. Cabbie” (feature film) / Dir. Jean-François Pouliot / Firsttake Entertainment
  • 2014 “The Scribbler” (feature film) / Dir. John Suits / New Artists Alliance
  • 2012 “…or Die” (short film) / Dir. Gregory Bonsignore, John Petaja / Reena Dutt
  • 2012 “Ice Age: Continental Drift” (animation) / Dir. Steve Martino, Michael Thurmeier / Blue Sky Studios
  • 2012 “Say It Ain´t Solo” (short film) / Dir. Marc Brener / BB Productions
  • 2010-2011 “The Late Late Show with Craig Ferguson” (TV series) / Dir. Brian McAloon, Tim Mancinelli / Worldwide Pants
  • 2010 “CollegeHumor Originals” (TV series) / Created by Mike Parker, Michael William / Big Breakfast
  • 2007-2019 “The Big Bang Theory” (TV series) / Created by Chuck Lorre, Bill Prady / Chuck Lorre Productions
  • 2007 “NCIS” (TV series) / Created by Donald P. Bellisario, Don McGill / Belisarius Productions
  • 2004 “S.C.I.E.N.C.E.” (feature film) / Dir. Jordan Noce / Bandersnatch Films
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