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Christian Rodrigo is a well-known artist in the industry due to his work with big names both on the National and International theater and cinematographic scenes, and for his role as Pedro on the British series Snatch.

Christian is a member of The Actors’ Gang, a renowned American theater company whose artistic director is Tim Robbins, and he is also a member of the world-famous The Actors Studio, where stars like Al Pacino, Paul Newman or Robert De Niro, among others, started their careers. Christian is also the creator and director of the micro-theatre Brisk Festival at Los Angeles, CA.

From the 40 short films in which he has participated, we can highlight the awarded “Wings”, starred and produced by himself. He has also worked in more than 10 feature films, among which “Little Ashes”, “Trash”, “El premio”, “No way out”, “Vale Madre”, “Assassin” (last film with Bruce Willis as leading role), “Satanic Hispanics” and “The War Necklace” must be mentioned. With his production company Full Emotions, he produced and led many short films like “The Painting”, “The Curse of Manizales”, “2 Shots of Tequila” and the feature film “The Fallen Angel”.

Christian Rodrigo - Actor

Spanish actor, producer, and actors coach, Christian Rodrigo lives in Los Angeles, CA, and is well-known on the industry due to his collaboration with big names on the National and International cinematographic and theatral scenes.

He was born in Barcelona (1975) and is now living in LA where he is developing his work as an actor and producer, plus directing a successful theatral festival. He was educated on the Stanislavski method at the el Col·legi del Teatre de Barcelona, where he was taught by Boris Rotenstein, and on the Meisner technique under the teaching of Javier Galitó-Cava. During those first years of scenic study, he was also a business administration student at ESADE, and successfully started working at a private multinational company. However, his passion for interpretation was too big, and he left everything to go and achieve his dream.

After appearing in short films and episodes of different series such as “De Moda”, “El Cor de la Ciutat” or “Croma”, he worked on the TVE kids program “Los Lunnis” during three seasons (2017-2019), and on the TV movies “Stevie” (2008), “Secrets de Xangai” (2011) and “Zero” (2011), which he also produced. It was at that moment when he would take a decision that would change his life; moving to Los Angeles to try out his luck… and stayed there.

Christian is a renowned member of The Actors Studio, the biggest actor trade union in the US: the SAG-AFTRA, the Associació dʼActors i Directors Professionals de Catalunya and the Acadèmia Cinematogràfica de Catalunya. He is also a member of The Actors’ Gang, a prestigious American theater company, whose artistic director is Tim Robbins. Christian is also a member of the world-famous The Actors Studio, where stars like Al Pacino, Paul Newman or Robert De Niro, among many others, started their careers. Aside from being an acting coach at his own theater studio in Los Angeles, he is also the creator and director of the Brisk Festival, a claimed micro-theatre festival based in LA.

Further to that, Christian has continuously kept training with international coaches such as Michelle Danner, Bob McAndrew, Juan Carlos Corazza, Javier Dualte, Helen Rowson, Alexandra Neil, Manuel Carlos Lillo or Ragnar Freidank, among others.

Christian worked in more than 40 short films, like “Wings”, written and directed by IPD’s Talent José Villalobos, and produced by Christian Rodrigo, who also performs the film’s leading role. The movie was nominated at the Catalan Academy Awards Premios Gaudí and at the Tribeca Film Festival.

Not only that, but he is also known for his role as Pedro in the British comedy “Snatch” (2017), inspired by the famous movie directed by Guy Ritchie.

Christian Rodrigo has participated in more than 10 feature films, like “Little Ashes” (Paul Morrison, APT Films, 2008, UK), “Trash” (Carles Torras, Escándalo Films, 2009, Spain), “El premio” (David Blanco, Batea Films, 2010, Spain), “No way out” (Héctor Echavarría, Destiny Entertainment Productions, 2015, USA) or “Vale Madre” (Héctor Echavarría, Emporio Films&Media, 2018, México).

With his production company Full Emotions, he has produced more than 20 short and feature films. During the next few months Full Emotions is releasing “The Painting” (Dir. Gustavo Asensi), “El Charco de las Ranas” (Dir. Javier Barberá), “The Curse of Manizales” (Dir. Fito Rivera), “2 Shots of Tequila” (Dir. Juan Zapata) and “Fallen Angel” (Dir. Fito Rivera and José Villalobos).

Christian Rodrigo also participated in international commercials for brands such as Doritos, Nissan, SAP, Pepsi, American Airlines or the 2015’s Dolce & Gabanna campaign alongside Scarlett Johansson and Matthew McConaughey.

2023 – Ghost: Jesus He Loves Me (Music Video) | Dir. Alex Ross Perry | USA
2023 – The Fallen Angel (feature film) | Dir. Fito Rivera y Jose Villalobos | Full Emotions Entertainment | USA
2023 – Calungsod (feature film) | Dir. Aloy Adlawan | N/A | PHILIPINES
2023 – Assassin (feature film) | Dir. Jesse Atlas | Altamira Media | USA
2022 – Satanic Hispanics (feature film) | Dir. Mike Mendez, Demian Rugna, Eduardo Sanchez, Gigi Saul Guerrero and Alejandro Brugues | Epic Pictures | USA
2022 – The Painting (feature film) | Dir. Gustavo Asensi | Full Emotions Entertainment | USA
2022 – La Llave de la Felicidad (feature film) | Dir. Roger Delmont | Full Emotions Entertainment | SPAIN
2022 – The War Necklace (feature film) | Dir. Harvey Lowry | Ascension Media | CANADA
2022 – Orphans (TV series) | Full Emotions Entertainment | USA
2018 – Snatch (TV series) | Created by Alex De Rakoff | Little Island Productions | UK
2018 – Wild Hearts (short film) | Dir. José Villalobos y Rob Margolies | Full Emotions Entertainment | USA
2018 – Vale Madre (feature film) | Dir. Héctor Echavarría | Emporio Films&Media | MEXICO
2018 – While You Pray (short film) | Dir. Luciano Lima | Full Emotions Entertainment | USA
2017 – John & Juliette (short film) | Dir. Javier Barberá | Buñuel & Barbera Films | USA
2016 – Scorpion Girl: The Awakening (TV series) | Dir. Fito Rivera | Rivera Films Productions | USA
2016 – Blanca (short film) | Dir. Basil Moore | N/A | USA
2016 – Off Water (short film) | Dir. Roque Baños | N/A | USA
2016 – Stay Where You Are (short film) | Dir. Alex Albert | N/A | USA
2015 – No Way Out (feature film) | Dir. Héctor Echavarría | Destiny Entertainment Productions | USA
2014 – License To Kill (TV series) | Dir Héctor Echevarría | N/A | USA
2014 – Making 30 (web series) | Dir. Karl Stelter | N/A | USA
2014 – God’s Pocket (short film) | Dir. Jaehuen Chung | 16MOS | USA
2014 – Alive (music video) | Dir. José Villalobos | Source Independent Entertainment | USA
2013 – Violet (feature film) | Dir. Luiso Berdejo | Kowalski Films | USA / SPAIN
2013 – Chamaleons (TV series) | Dir. Billy Gallo y Greg St. Johns | N/A | USA
2013 – The Good Priest (short film) | Dir. Julia Jansch | N/A | USA
2012 – Wings (short film) | Dir. José Villalobos | Full Emotions Entertainment | SPAIN
2012 – A Broken Code (feature film) | Dir. Josh Abraham Webber y Michael Girgenti | Constellation Pictures | USA
2012 – Terrorists Anonymous (short film) | Dir. Rafael García | N/A | USA
2011 – Zero (TV series) | Dir. Miquel García Borda | Full Emotions Entertainment | USA
2011 – The Maybelline Gils (web series) | Dir. Oscar Avalos | Metal Monkey Films | USA
2011 – Anaheim: Not Dead Yet (music video) | Dir. Alberto Vega | N/A | USA
2011 – Vinyl Soul: Big Green (music video) | Dir. Mica Rausch | N/A | USA
2010 – Cruzando el límite (feature film) | Dir. Xavi Giménez | Filmax | SPAIN
2010 – Bon Jovi: What do you got (music video) | Dir. Wayne Isham | N/A | USA
2010 – You’re My Life (short film) | Dir. Christian Rodrigo | Full Emotions | USA
2010 – El Premio (short film) | Dir. David Blanco | Batea Films | SPAIN
2010 – The Foreigner (short film) | Dir. Carles Cambres | N/A | SPAIN
2010 – Los Tres Pasos (short film) | Dir. Fabián Matas | Full Emotions | SPAIN
2010 – Fate (short film) | Dir. Richard Gregory | N/A | SPAIN
2010 – Transsiverian (short film) | Dir. Samuel Hernández | N/A | SPAIN
2009 – El Refugio (short film) | Dir. Albert Ribas | Escándalo Films | SPAIN
2009 – Cenizas (short film) | Dir. Luis Goyanes | Full Emotions | SPAIN
2009 – Scopaesthesia (short film) | Dir. Sara López | N/A | SPAIN
2009 – Todo es tuyo (short film) | Dir. Jordi Ramoneda | N/A | SPAIN
2009 – Sigue sangrando (short film) | Dir. Ariadna Seuba | N/A | SPAIN
2009-2010 – Croma (web series) | Dir. Víctor Quintero | N/A | SPAIN
2009 – Caída libre (TV series) | Dir. Roger Delmont | N/A | SPAIN
2008 – Trash (feature film) | Dir. Carles Torras | Escándalo Films | SPAIN
2008 – Noche transfigurada (feature film) | Dir. Alexia Muiños | Marineda Films | SPAIN
2008 – 7 pasos y medio (feature film) | Dir. Lalo García | Iris Star | SPAIN
2008 – Stevie (feature film) | Dir. Bryan Goeres | Drimtim Entertainment | SPAIN
2008 – La última cena (short film) | Dir. Javier Ideami | Full Emotions | SPAIN
2008 – My Adventure in Barcelona (TV series) | Dir. Yi Zhu | Factotum Barcelona y TV3 | SPAIN / CHINA
2007 – Little Ashes (feature film) | Dir. Paul Morrison | APT Films | SPAIN / UK
2007 – La risa de dolores (short film) | Dir. Emma Sofia Dedorson | N/A | SPAIN
2006 – Sitges 24/9 (feature film) | Dir. Arnau Domínguez y Xavier Piñol | N/A | SPAIN
2006 – Luna de agua (short film) | Dir. Carles Reixach | N/A | SPAIN
2006 – Detrás de la puerta (short film) | Dir. Jan Baca y Toni Garriga | N/A | SPAIN
2006 – Ilusión (short film) | Dir. Alexia Muiños | N/A | SPAIN
2006-2008 Los Lunnis (TV series) | Created by Daniel Cerdà | TVE | SPAIN
2006 – The Sex Museum (short film) | Dir. Eloy Calvo | N/A | SPAIN
2006 – Extraños (TV series) | Dir. Carles Torras | N/A | SPAIN
2005 – Especial Nochebuena con los Lunnis (TV series) | Creador: Daniel Cerdà | TVE | SPAIN
2005 – Guero arte (hasta luego) | Dir. José María Farfal | N/A | SPAIN
2005 – Plexitol | Dir. Christian Checa | N/A | SPAIN
2005 – Tú | Dir. Laura Calavia | N/A | SPAIN
2005 – El Cor de la Ciutat (TV series | Created by Lluís Arcarazo y Jordi Galcerán | TV3 | SPAIN
2005 – Rented Heaven (TV series) | Dir. Nerea Franco, Marta Viader y Andrea Ramírez | N/A | SPAIN
2005 – Protagonista (TV series) | Dir. Xavi Esteban | N/A | SPAIN
2004 – Familia (short film) | Dir. Christian Checa | N/A | SPAIN
2004 – Piensa en mí (short film) | Dir. Rafa Ruano | N/A | SPAIN
2004 – El último tango (short film) | Dir. Ingrid Ripollès | N/A | SPAIN
2004 – A Fork in the Mediterranean (documentary) | Hosted by Pria Viswalingam | Australian TVSBS | AUSTRALIA
2004 – Chicas de moda (TV series) | Dir. Lluís Maria Güell, Jesús Segura y Jordi Frades | Diagonal TV | SPAIN
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